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Together with our certified technicians, medical assistants, and registered nurses, our pain management doctors provide a holistic approach to the treatment of neurological and chronic pain disorders while understanding the underlying medical setting and complexity of diseases that add context to these illnesses. We are thus particularly focused on diabetes, hypertension, obesity, addiction disorders (including opiates) and hyperlipidemia as aggravating factors in many neurological and pain disorders. Cognizant of the complexity of symptoms and signs, our team employs state-of-art technologies including CT, CT-Myelography, EMG, EEG and EEG Telemetry to elucidate the causes and aggravating factors in disorders of the nervous system, such as spinal and disc pain, fibromyalgia, migraine disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy.


Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon: Neurologist

Dr. Julian Ungar-Sargon is a neurologist with experience in electrodiagnosis, including E.M.G., E.E.G., and evoked potentials. He is also experienced in pain management, a variety of techniques including epidurals, nerve blocks, and BoTox injections when conventional therapy and medicine has failed to alleviate pain. Dr. Ungar trained in England and did his residency and fellowship at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York and has held teaching positions in the Medical College of Pennsylvania as well as Harvard Medical School.


JoLynne Anderson: Nurse Practitioner

JoLynne was born and raised in Sharon, Pennsylvania. She attended Farrell high school and then Sharon General School of Nursing where she earned an RN. After that, JoLynne went to Ball State University where she received a BSN and a degree in Art and Indiana University where she received a Masters in Adult Geriatric Primary Care. She has a passion for helping people, alleviating distress, and proving guidance to individuals and helping them to achieve higher levels of wellness.

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Reba J. Mahaffey: Nurse Practitioner

Reba was born in Jasper, Alabama. She moved to Northwest Indiana before she was in first grade. Her schooling was at a Catholic Orphanage in East Chicago, Indiana. The Carmalite Nuns raised her from an early age with rules and chores that were to be followed daily which is where she first learned discipline and hard work. Reba then attended Calumet High School in Northwest Indiana. For her professional studies she attended Purdue University where she earned an Associate's Degree in Nursing followed quickly by a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Reba made the Dean's list and her grade point average allowed her to be awarded a grant from the city. She was then able to complete her Master's degree in Nursing with a specialty in Pain Management. Her mentorship with a pain specialist was with Dr. Judith Paice, Phd. at the University of Chicago. Reba also worked with Dr. Timothy Lubenow MD and with the Metronic Corporation, training to assist with surgeries that implanted spinal cord stimulators and continuous intrathecal pumps. Reba has made her career in healthcare, because she is devoted to helping others learn to live a long and healthy life. She takes great satisfaction in bringing good humor and cheer to her patients and their families.


Dr. R.S. Gaud: Radiologist

Dr. Gaud was born in India, which is where he began his medical education at Baroda Medical College in the state of Gujarat. He then made his way to the United States where he completed internships at South Chicago Community Hospital and at Cook County Hospital before returning to his native India where he did residency in General and Orthopedic Surgery. He then returned to the United States once again to complete a residency in Radiology at Mount Sinai Hospital at the University of Chicago. Dr. Gaud has been a member of both the AMA and the American College of Radiology for 36 years. He is currently working in a part-time capacity as Radiologist for Neurology and Pain Management. 


Crystal Kiefer: Office Manager

Crystal was born in Hammond, Indiana and lived in Hebron, Indiana for most of her life. She is married with three children and her husband works at Subaru. She enrolled at Kaplan University and did all of her coursework online, graduating on the Dean's list with an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting. Crystal had been in childcare for 11 years, but healthcare was always what she wanted to do professionally. She takes great satisfaction in making sure that the office runs smoothly.


Emily Bell: Phlebotomist and Urine Toxicologist

Emily was born in Lafayette, Indiana but lived in Frankfurt for most of her life. She has a German Shepard named Toby and a Boxer named Champ and they are less work than a husband would be. Emily went to Frankfurt high school and graduated from St. Elizabeth's where she earned her CNA certification. She also went to the School of Phlebotomy in Corydon, Indiana. Being able to calm people down while they are having their blood drawn is what gives Emily the most satisfaction at work. Emily loves Tom Petty and her dogs. 


Collette Fuldauer: Receptionist

Collette was born in East Chicago, Indiana, but lived in Hammond until she was 21. Her father was a carpenter in the 50's and 60's and her mother worked in a candy factory. Collette met her husband on a tour bus in Disney World. Knowing that patients are having their pain alleviated is what gives Collette the most satisfaction at her job. She is proud to work for Dr. Ungar and Neurology and Pain Management.


Jessica England: EEG Technician

Jessica grew up in DeMotte. Her mother is an Registered Nurse and her father is retired. She went to Pontiac Michigan Larry Head Institute where she started her career in nerve conduction studies. Upon graduation, she worked at the Methodist Hospital in Merrillville. A year later, she went back and studied EEG fundamentals. She has been Doing EEG's for 5 years now. She also performs visual evoked responses.  Jessica has a two year old son, lives with her boyfriend, and will be taking her EEG board certification in 2018.


Teresa Mitchell: Medical Assistant

Teresa was born in Kankakee, Illinois and went to Morgan Park high school. She went to college at Olive Harvey, Ivy Tech, and Ross Medical Educational Center. Her family are a bunch of fun loving people that love the Lord. Her fiancé is a welder at Wabash National. She has seven beautiful children and one grandchild. Teresa lives in West Lafayette. Her professional goal in life is to become a pediatric nurse. 


Nathan Toon: Durable Medical Equipment Technician

Nathan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and went to high school at Franklin Central. He then went to Marion University on scholarship where he earned a BA in Exercise Science. Nathan's wife is a nurse who works in neonatal intensive care. Medical sales offer him the opportunity to help people with their day to day life and he gets great satisfaction from ensuring that patients know how to use his products. 


Samantha Windler: Receptionist

Samantha was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana where she attended Bitton Central high school. She is currently studying software development at Ivy Tech. Samantha is an only child, she has a black cat named "Onyx" and a boyfriend who works as a supermarket butcher. She wants to eventually work for the gaming industry, although she very much enjoys her current job and the people she works with.


Stephanie Larrison: Certified Medical Assistant

Stephanie was born in Lafayette and raised in Brockton where she attended Chalmers Frontier high school. She then attended Ivy Tech where she received an Associates degree in science and certification in medical assistance. Stephanie is a single mom of two and a sister who is mentally handicapped. Her sister is the reason, Stephanie was inspired to work in the medical field and she eventually wants to become a Nurse Practitioner.


David Gingold: Psychology Intern

David was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and moved around a lot growing up. He went to high school in Jerusalem and would subsequently meet his wife there and move to Tel Aviv. When he was 24, David, now a Rabbi and a teacher, moved to Japan where he became the Rabbi of Kobai. He then took a commission in the US army as a chaplain and moved back to the United States where he started pastoral counseling through the United States Army College of professional ministry in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. David has two daughters and is completing his requirements for a Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling Psychology.