Pain Management In Our Merrillville, Lafayette, and Rensselaer Offices 

The staff of our Neurology Indiana Clinic

The staff of our Neurology Indiana Clinic

Neurology and Pain Management is a respected pain management practice served by three MD’s, three certified electro-diagnostic technicians, and a staff dedicated to serving the cities of Merrillville, Lafayette, and Rensselaer, Indiana along 100 miles of Interstate 65. All three of our offices are conveniently located minutes from Interstate 65.

Our Approach To Pain Management

Our pain management doctors treat a variety of neurological conditions and pain disorders and are dedicated to providing compassionate care based solely on the “best interest of the patient” code and resisting any interference by hospital policies, pharmaceutical incentives, and any other ethical directive than our oath to care for all human beings.

We do, however submit to all policies procedures and safeguards by the state local and federal guidelines including DEA directives and the new laws that went into effect late 2013 enacted by the Indiana Assembly regarding the prescription of DEA listed scheduled drugs.

Our physicians include:


Dr. Ungar-Sargon MD PhD, Neurology

Dr. R. Gupta MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Kris Berman MD, Anesthesiology

Together with our certified technicians, medical assistants, and registered nurses, our pain management doctors provide a holistic approach to the treatment of neurological and chronic pain disorders while understanding the underlying medical setting and complexity of diseases that add context to these illnesses. We are thus particularly focused on diabetes, hypertension, obesity, addiction disorders (including opiates) and hyperlipidemia as aggravating factors in many neurological and pain disorders.

Our philosophy remains committed to the treatment of the whole person and the disorders we encounter are managed along with the underlying medical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of human suffering.

Cognizant of the complexity of symptoms and signs, our team employs state-of-art technologies including CT, CT-Myelography, EMG, EEG and EEG Telemetry to elucidate the causes and aggravating factors in disorders of the nervous system, such as spinal and disc pain, fibromyalgia, migraine disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy. Where pain figures as a significant part of the disorder we bring expertise, including interventional techniques to assist us in relieving the chronic pain syndromes associated with neurological disease, such as thalamic pain, RSD, C1A-fibre neuropathies and MS pain.

We have clean treatment rooms equipped with C-arm radiology at our Merrillville, Lafayette, and Rensselaer, Indiana locations, which allows us to perform epidurals, nerve blocks, and trials for morphine pumps, and Dorsal Column stimulators.

Aware of the social and psychological dimensions of pain, we often assist our patients in the application processes for SSI disability, personal injury, and review of medico-legal documents to receive compensation of injuries on the job and personal trauma.

Although we are Medicare/Medicaid providers and are on the specialist lists of most health care private insurers for the state, we realize that many patients fall between the cracks and still have no healthcare coverage. When this situation arises, our response is congruent with our philosophy of care “irrespective of the ability to pay” we have very favorable cash rates and a sliding scale for those who are indigent.

It is Neurology and Pain Management’s hope that with the Affordable Care Act, our pain management doctors will be able to serve more Indiana residents who were hitherto unable to access medical care.

We are accessible at all times including nights and weekends for those in crisis.

Finally we believe that active patient participation in the healing process is critical for ongoing treatment strategies, so our doctors actively encourage exercise, healthy diet, and cessation of smoking in order to manage chronic disease more effectively. This also includes the psychological and spiritual dimensions of human suffering, which fosters less dependent relationships between physician and patient.

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