Pain Management In Our Merrillville, Lafayette, and Rensselaer Offices

Neurology and Pain Management is a respected pain management practice served by three MDs, three certified electro-diagnostic technicians, and a staff dedicated to serving the cities of Merrillville, Lafayette, and Rensselaer, Indiana along 100 miles of Interstate 65. All three of our offices are conveniently located minutes from Interstate 65.

Our Approach To Pain Management

Our pain management doctors treat a variety of neurological conditions and pain disorders and are dedicated to providing compassionate care based solely on the "best interest of the patient" code and resisting any interference by hospital policies, pharmaceutical incentives, and any other ethical directive than our oath to care for all human beings.

We do, however submit to all policies procedures and safeguards by the state local and federal guidelines including DEA directives and the new laws that went into effect late 2013 enacted by the Indiana Assembly regarding the prescription of DEA listed scheduled drugs.

Our practitioners include:

Dr. Ungar-Sargon MD PhD, Neurology(Monday: Lafayette 8am-5pm, Tuesday: Renssalaer 8am-5pm, Wednesday: Merrillville 8am-5pm, Thursday: Lafayette 8am-5pm, Friday: Lafayette or Merrillville, 8am-1pm)

Dr. R. Gupta MD, Internal Medicine(Wednesday: Renssalaer 8am-1pm)

Reba Mahaffey RN RNP(Monday: Renssalaer 8am-4pm, Wednesday: Merrillville 8am-4pm, Thursday: Renssalaer 8am-4pm, Friday: Merrillville 8am-4pm)

Contact Us!

Thank you for considering Neurology and Pain Management. If you have any questions about our services, treatment options, or anything else, give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions and help you get on a path toward effective treatment.